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Форум » Horror моддиг » Школа моддинга » Real-time event animations st*.dat files (Resident Evil 4)
Real-time event animations st*.dat files
Mr_ScratchДата: Понедельник, 16.07.2012, 11:25 | № 1







037_r100 = Sitting in truck (policeman)
038_r100 = Driving truck (policeman)
040_r100 = Ganado 1 on hill at start (where they notice Leon and run back to the village)
041_r100 = Ganado 2 on hill
042_r100 = Ganado 3 on hill
046_r100 = Leon walking casually
047_r100 = Policeman chiding Leon
048_r100 = "Not that way, cowboy" - other policeman


027_r103 = Leon relocates to his left
028_r103 = Leon ends up leaning to his left
029_r103 = Same as 27
030_r103 = Same as 27
031_r103 = Same...
032_r103 = Same....
033_r103 = Same.....
034_r103 = Same......
035_r103 = Dear God, why did you need so many files for the same animation!?
036_r103 = Take a guess..


027_r104 = Notices boulder, starts to run
031_r104 = Sprinting away from boulder
040_r104 = Boulder dodge right
041_r104 = Getting crushed by boulder
043_r104 = Pushing cabinet over
045_r104 = Pushing cabinet over 2


029_r106 = Notices boulder, starts to run
031_r106 = Sprinting away from boulder
040_r106 = Boulder dodge right
041_r106 = Getting crushed by boulder
043_r106 = Pushing cabinet over
044_r106 = Pushing cabinet over 2
045_r106 = Pushing cabinet over 3
052_r106 = Leon smashed into ground
053_r106 = Leon stuck in ground wobbling his arm
054_r106 = Gets stuck in ground, rotates 180, then gets up


029_r10a = Notice boulder, getting ready to run
031_r10a = Sprinting!
040_r10a = Boulder dodge right
041_r10a = Getting crushed by boulder
043_r10a = Pushing cabinet over
045_r10a = Pushing cabinet over 2


028_r10b = Standing on boat
029_r10b = Floating on boat (heavier waves)
030_r10b = More floating on boat
031_r10b = More floating on boat (heavier waves)


029_r10c = No idea
030_r10c = No idea
031_r10c = Climbing up the rope
032_r10c = What the hell is he riding!?
033_r10c = Leon noticing boulder then getting ready to run
034_r10c = First Ganado you meet with las plagas convulsing!


029_r10f = Ganado pointing? No idea
033_r10f = Weird! Transports you out of the map, maybe travelling on boat/tram?
034_r10f = Again, out of the map.
035_r10f = Getting onto tram
036_r10f = Ashley getting onto tram (looks funny on Leon)
037_r10f = More tram moving..
038_r10f = Leon getting off tram
039_r10f = Ashley getting off tram
040_r10f = No idea, Leon sinks under the map then reappears 10 metres away later
041_r10f = Ganado jumping off ledge onto top of tram
042_r10f = Ganado chopping away at tram cable
043_r10f = Ganado chopping away at tram cable 2
044_r10f = Tram car falling for Ganado
045_r10f = Tram car falling for Leon
046_r10f = Stumbling about in tram car


027_r133 = Leon giving Ashley piggyback
028_r133 = Ashley being given the piggyback
030_r133 = Camera pans off to the left quickly
031_r133 = Same, but Leon ends up leaning to his left
032_r133 = Same as 32
033_r133 = Same
034_r133 = Same
035_r133 = Same
036_r133 = Same as r103, basically!


029_r117 = Gets stuck in ground then ends up leaning backwards whilst moving
030_r117 = Leon's body swings forwards and backwards but he moves from side to side as well
031_r117 = Leon's whole body swings backwards and forwards
032_r117 = Same as 31
033_r117 = Jump onto chandalier
034_r117 = Swinging on chandalier
035_r117 = Jump from chandalier
036_r117 = Jump from chandalier (fail to reach ledge)


029_r11b = More standing on a boat
032_r11b = More rocking on a boat
031_r11b = Even more standing on a boat
032_r11b = Even more rocking on a boat


029_r11c = Quite funny! Leon's torso stretches out and he seems to hang. Could be used by the "Big Cheese" in the barn fight.


031_r11d = Ganado move? Like he's tugging something hard and walking forward.


032_r11e = Leon just completely disappears
033_r11e = Leon flips forward into the air and then ends up at a funny angle with his trousers expanded.
034_r11e = Leon gets slammed to the floor
035_r11e = Ashley gets slammed to the floor
039_r11e = Ashley pointing
040_r11e = Ashley pointing ("look, Leon!") at boulder
041_r11e = Ashley quick point


029_r11f = Leon jolts forward
032_r11f = Big Cheese jolts forward
035_r11f = More Big Cheese jolting
038_r11f = Leon jolts forward again
041_r11f = Leon gets buried in ground
042_r11f = Leon gets stuck in the ground with his arm flapping about
043_r11f = Gets stuck in ground, rotates 180, then gets up


028_r201 = Standing still, hands clamped by sides
029_r201 = Flailing arms in front and staggering forward


029_r202 = Rotating handle
040_r202 = Leon's entire body rotates sideways twice! (This must be for another model)
049_r202 = Bends down, grabs rock, puts it in catapult (castle area)


029_r204 = Gets stuck in ground, leans back slightly
030_r204 = Leon's body rotates backwards and forwards slightly
031_r204 = Same as 30 except he doesn't lean at the end
032_r204 = Same as 31
033_r204 = Jump onto chandalier
034_r204 = Swinging on chandalier
035_r204 = Jump from chandalier to ledge
036_r204 = Jump from chandalier to ground
037_r204 = Jump from chandalier to ground (different landing)
039_r204 = Priest giving sermon (after the sewers)
040_r204 = Occult praying (bowing head)


028_r205 = Quick dodge right (similar to Krauser's move)
029_r205 = Enemy falling from height
030_r205 = Walking forwards cautiously (perhaps for the Ashley trap cutscene)


028_r206 = Ashley struggling in trap
029_r206 = Quick Ashley struggle (when you shoot trap bars off)
030_r206 = Ashley struggling with locked door
031_r206 = Very short struggle against bars
032_r206 = Stop struggling (when she dies)
033_r206 = Quick lean to the right
034_r206 = Struggling with just bars around legs remaining
035_r206 = Ashley clutch chest and look around
036_r206 = Ashley draws her arms in briefly
037_r206 = Ashley quivering
038_r206 = Quivering briefly then recovering
039_r206 = Goes into crouch
040_r206 = Long squat
041_r206 = Getting up again
042_r206 = Doubles over limp (dies?)
045_r206 = Bends over to pick up item
048_r206 = Very similar to 35


027_r208 = Rotating crank handle
038_r208 = Crank handle rotating
048_r208 = Leon checking something (a wall?) with his hands, big pan upwards
049_r208 = Ashley being given piggyback through window, then unlocking door
050_r208 = Rotating crank handle
059_r208 = Catch Ashley and deposit her on ground
061_r208 = Ashley landing in Leon's arms then standing up
063_r208 = Ashley leaning forwards
064_r208 = "Look, Leon!" - Ashley pointing again


034_r209 = Priest manning minigun
035_r209 = Put minigun down? Not sure
036_r209 = Hit whilst manning minigun
037_r209 = Death whilst manning minigun? Slumps to the right


027_r20a = Struggling/pushing against huge obstacle
028_r20a = Ashley getting piggyback up to higher ledge (raising the water blocks area)


029_r20c = Leon noticing boulder then starting to run (what's this doing here?)


027_r20d = Ashley picks up lamp and throws it
028_r20d = Ashley begin crawl
029_r20d = Ashley crawling (hello Leon's arse!)
030_r20d = Ashley get up from crawl
033_r20d = Dias model rotating
034_r20d = Ashley rotating the dias
035_r20d = Dias model rotates 180 degrees
036_r20d = Ashley rotates dias 180 degrees
039_r20d = Crank being rotated
048_r20d = Ashley rotating crank
057_r20d = Ashley throwing lamp (no rotation)
058_r20d = Ashley throwing lamp (rotation)
059_r20d = Ashley throwing lamp (left turn)
060_r20d = Ashley throwing lamp (right turn)
061_r20d = Get up from crouch


027_r20e = Ashley turn 180 and throw lamp
028_r20e = Ashley throw lamp straight ahead
029_r20e = Same as 27
030_r20e = Turn left and throw lamp
031_r20e = Turn right and throw lamp
032_r20e = Begin crawl
033_r20e = Ashley crawling
034_r20e = Get up from crawl
035_r20e = Same as 34


027_r210 = Leon gets onto small train car and moves away from camera
028_r210 = Ashley gets onto small train car and moves away from camera
029_r210 = Unknown model - Leon's back bends 90 degrees backwards and then spins around very quickly
032_r210 = Leon gets off small train car
033_r210 = Ashley gets off small train car
034_r210 = Very similar to 29
035_r210 = Ashley looks around
036_r210 = Same as 35


029_r212 = Priest driving drill machine
030_r212 = Priest dies driving drill machine
031_r212 = Ashley goes into crouch
032_r212 = Ashley in terror crouch
033_r212 = Ashley pointing in terror (brief)
034_r212 = Ashley pointing at drill machine
035_r212 = Ashley pointing briefly
036_r212 = Ashley backs away


029_r213 = No animation


029_r214 = Pick up fire boulder and load catapult


027_r219 = Leon gets on small train car and moves away
028_r219 = Ashley gets on small train car and moves away
029_r219 = Unknown model - Leon's back bends 90 degrees backwards and then spins around very quickly
032_r219 = Leon gets off small train car
033_r219 = Ashley gets off small train car
034_r219 = Very similar to 29


029_r21b = Train ride (very long), Leon sinks under ground
030_r21b = Same as 29
031_r21b = Leon falling (model screws up at end)
032_r21b = Leon falling
033_r21b = Leon's HUGE leap forward to try and grab the ledge
034_r21b = Leon falling down pit
035_r21b = Leon holding on with one hand
036_r21b = Leon climbs up onto ledge (after tapping A)
037_r21b = Flies upwards into sky and hovers for a bit (could be the falling animation)
038_r21b = Stagger forward over obstacle
040_r21b = Jump down/vault down animation


027_r21d = Leon vaults up onto ledge
030_r21d = Leon gets smashed into ground (possibly by the crushing stones in the cavern)
031_r21d = Leon standing up after vaulting onto ledge
032_r21d = Similar to 27


030_r221 = Leon jumps up and detaches the nitrogen canister from the wall (Right Hand battle)
031_r221 = Leon ends up with no top body (is this a death animation?)
032_r221 = Leon frees a canister from the wall
033_r221 = Canister model spinning


027_r222 = Leon gets stuck in ground then sinks under and moves about (no idea)


029_r223 = Leon transports off map (not a clue)
030_r223 = Stumbles onto ledge
032_r223 = Same as 30


027_r224 = Climbs up onto ledge
031_r224 = No idea (might be Salazar boss animation)
032_r224 = Zipline animation
034_r224 = Grab lever and turn round to look (Los Gigantos boss fight)
035_r224 = Holding lever loop
036_r224 = Pull lever
040_r224 = Sunk in ground (El Gigante drowning in magma?)


027_r225 = Leon turning crank handle (Salazar statue room)
038_r225 = Crank model turning
052_r225 = Leon gets sunk in ground
053_r225 = Same as 52 except he rotates


029_r226 = Leon just disappears
030_r226 = Same as 29
031_r226 = Same..
032_r226 = Statue animation (unknown)
033_r226 = Statue animation (unknown)
035_r226 = Jump between ledges (statue hands)
036_r226 = Quick duck forward (like a shoulder barge)
037_r226 = Leon crushed by statue (onto his front)
038_r226 = Leon notices statue and starts to run
040_r226 = Leon running away from statue
049_r226 = Dodge roll to right
051_r226 = Leon right shoulder roll
052_r226 = Skid to a stop
053_r226 = Crushed under foot and knocked backwards (far)

* Animations 054 to 096 are all unknown statue animations *

101_r226 = Leon's leap of faith
102_r226 = Leon holding on to the ledge
103_r226 = Leon climbs up onto ledge (after tapping action)
104_r226 = Leon falling?
105_r226 = Leon turns around and gets crushed by Salazar statue
106_r226 = Statue anims..


030_r227 = Leon climbs onto ledge (after Salazar statue, in the spiral tower)


027_r229 = Causes crash. Whoops!


029_r22a = Salazar boss animations (unknown)
030_r22a = Salazar boss animations (unknown)
031_r22a = Leon climbing up rope
032_r22a = Leon climbing down rope


027_r300 = Climb up onto rock
031_r300 = Unknown, Leon ends up bent 90 degrees
032_r300 = Leon crushed into ground
033_r300 = Notice boulder, turn to run
034_r300 = Backflip dodge
035_r300 = Pushing laser rod (island)
036_r300 = Pushing laser rod
037_r300 = Struggles with laser rod and gives up
044_r300 = Ashley being carried away (island cutscene)
045_r300 = Notices boulder on ledge above
046_r300 = Spins around and notices something (not sure what)
047_r300 = JJ introduction (as he jumps down from his ledge)


027_r301 = Climb up onto ledge
030_r301 = Pull up onto ledge
032_r301 = Jump down from ledge


027_r318 = Killed by lasers
028_r318 = Dodge roll forward on right shoulder

045_r318 = Leon dives through lasers - unfortunately, he does this sideways
077_r318 = Leon runs up wall and backflips over lasers - again, sideways
093_r318 = Leon notices lasers coming towards him
113_r318 = Backflip away from lasers - sideways..
112_r318 = Backflips onto floor, then rolls forward onto his feet

131_r318 = Leon sits on throne and ponders life (yay!)
132_r318 = Leon gets up from throne

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Форум » Horror моддиг » Школа моддинга » Real-time event animations st*.dat files (Resident Evil 4)
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